Africa, the growth continent

Over the last 15 years, and more recently amidst a general global downturn, Africa has witnessed a steady 5% year-on-year growth. This has, on the whole, been right across sub-Saharan Africa, with several economies, including Angola, Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria and Zambia, growing at over 7% pa and forecasts for the foreseeable future are for more of the same. There are a number of contributory factors to this, including sound economic management; improvements in the business environment, education and health; diversification of industry and services; political reform; improvements in technology; increasing global demand for resources and an emerging middle class which, together with an increase in urbanisation, are helping to fuel the rapidly increasing populations and levels of disposable income across the continent’s major cities.

CBRE in Africa

CBRE is committed to the growth and development of our business across all global markets and our intent is to grow and improve our business to serve our clients wherever in the world they need us to be. Through our network of wholly owned and affiliate offices, CBRE is the market leading provider of real estate services across the continent and physically located in the following countries:

CBRE’s principle partner in Africa is Broll Property Group. Founded in 1975, Broll is fast becoming Africa’s leading Property Services Group. In Angola, CBRE is represented by Zenki Real Estate, a part of the Zenki Group and the leading real estate company in Angola.

In 2008 CBRE established its Complex & Emerging Markets proposition to deliver a fully integrated risk managed professional service across all markets in Africa. Through this model we have delivered in excess of 400 assignments in 51 African countries in the last five years.

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