Property and Asset Management

Benefits from Working Cross-Border

Major clients are increasingly approaching their portfolios on a pan-European basis.  They find there are benefits in having a standardised and harmonised arrangement – regardless of whether the property is in Barcelona or Berlin.

These benefits include:

• A single point of contact
• Seamless management information
• Consistent processes
• Additional cost savings

Our proprietary system, CB-Yardi, gives clients the information they need, in the format they prefer, and in real-time.  Find out more about how CB-Yardi can help you.

Client relationship management: single point of contact

For cross-border clients, we appoint a relationship manager, to ensure they receive the best possible result.   The Client Care Manager (CCM) is responsible for:

• Understanding and responding to your business needs
• Mobilising the best available resources from across CBRE
• Ensuring these are placed at the disposal of our clients

The CCM will schedule regular meetings or calls with each country to review information and processes, and tighten up any areas to spread best practice.   At any early stage, channels of communications between our clients and the CCM will also be agreed.


Key Contacts

Nigel Biggs

Executive Director

Nigel Biggs

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