Property and Asset Management

Open and Accessible Data Management

About CB-Yardi

CB-Yardi is a proprietary version of the world’s most frequently used Property Management system, Yardi. This uniquely gives property managers the right information they need, in the format they prefer and in real-time:

  • Empowering fund managers to have greater control of their portfolio and managing agent. 
  • Rapid identification of benefits and efficiencies from benchmarking data on a consistent basis, leading to better collection rates.
  • Cost reduction, since the need for manual effort collating and compiling financial reports is significantly streamlined.
  • Strategic management of portfolios – allowing more informed choices about how to develop and grow portfolios over time.

The system has been developed in direct response to feedback from the marketplace. The result is a tool that empowers clients to hold their property managers fully accountable.

The key elements include:

  • Real-time data accessed via the internet, from anywhere.
  • A common chart of accounts for consistent treatment of financials.
  • Effective interfaces allowing electronic uplift into fund management tools.
  • Tightly defined security.
  • Unique dashboard highlighting key measures.
  • Drill-down capability and customised 55 reports including financial (accounts receivable and payable), debt, budget, tenancy schedules, charge reports, P&L and tax reports.

The dashboard

This is a one-screen summary of the vital data of greatest concern to senior managers, presented in an accessible manner and allowing instant identification of potential issues using traffic light (red/amber/green) notation. It gives a summary of critical lease dates (rent reviews, expiries and breaks), vacant units, aged debt, cash flow and portfolio balance by sector type.

From the dashboard it is possible to drill down as far as individual unit or tenancy. The reports export to PDF or Excel to allow further analysis or to share with colleagues. This gives you real- time information on which informed decisions can be made to add value.

We are able to tailor dashboards depending on the preferences of our clients – one example is shown below.

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