Property and Asset Managment

A Seamless Transition

A seamless transition is essential to ensure the new arrangements command credibility and enjoy the widespread support of stakeholders.   We have unrivalled experience in managing change programmes so that new ways of working are introduced smoothly and professionally.

Detailed transition programmes are tailored to each situation, but are likely to include:

• Data migration
• Full review of supplier contracts – key terms, break clauses, performance measures
• Full review of tenancy agreements
• Risk assessment plans
• Preparation of revised spending plans to accord with best practice
• Identification of issues requiring urgent attention, such as vacancies, maintenance backlogs, defective equipment
• Establishment of a planned preventative maintenance regime

Clear channels of communication are vital during a complex transition.   For this reason, we usually recommend:

• Steering Committee – senior management group, with both CBRE and client representation.  Oversees progress and makes key policy decisions.

• Implementation Group – team responsible on a day-to-day basis, including representatives from project management, financial and technical.


Key Contacts