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Making space for better business

What we do

Our Workplace Strategies team is integrated within our Global Workplace Solutions group to support enterprising clients in delivering a more effective working environment. An environment attuned to the needs of their business, and geared to generating improved productivity and cost efficiency.

Why a workplace strategy?

Our workplace strategies enable a sharper commercial focus and more competitive financial performance by:

  • Creating flexible environments that motivate staff and are more productive
  • Expanding the concept of what a workplace is
  • Better utilising space to ensure that capital is deployed more efficiently
  • Reducing environmental impact of your property and workforce

Integrating with your business

Our team of experts coordinate key stakeholders to ensure that the tools of technology, policy and workplace are integrated and fully aligned with your corporate culture and objectives. This includes evaluating the appropriateness and impact of opportunities such as:

  • Collaborative open plan working environments
  • Mobile and enabling technology
  • Flexible working policies and practices

Getting buy-in

Realising the gains

Just creating a plan doesn’t mean you realise the gains. The real challenge is making it happen. Our commitment is to help you achieve the strategic and productivity benefits. This involves ensuring connectivity between activities and departments, and working as ambassadors for culture change.

Enterprise-wide change

Many of our clients operate across borders. This is where our scale can make such a difference. With experts and offices in 36 countries throughout EMEA, and full access to CBRE global capabilities, we can deliver consistent enterprise wide workplace strategies.

Our services

Our Workplace strategies include:

  • Alternative workplace
  • Consolidation strategies
  • Strategic occupancy planning
  • Change management  and communications
  • Corporate guidelines and standards

Our approach

Workplace ProcessWorkplace Process

Our recent research

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