Industrial and Logistics Research

CBRE’s research in the industrial and logistics sector helps clients determine the right time and place to occupy, develop, buy or sell industrial real estate assets across EMEA.

Find our most recent reports below.

Asia Pacific
Report Criteria

EMEA Reports

pdf European Valuation Monitor, Q4 2017
pdf Europe Real Estate Market Outlook 2018
pdf Global Gateway Cities - Focus on EMEA November 2017
pdf EMEA Industrial & Logistics Market Snapshot Q2 2017
pdf EMEA Major Report: Up In The Air - The Case For Vertical Logistics Solutions, October 2016
pdf EMEA Industrial ViewPoint - New Suez Canal Creates Opportunity for Mediterranean Hubs May 2016
pdf EMEA Real Estate Market Outlook 2016
Report Criteria

Country Reports

pdf Portugal Property Handbook 2018
pdf Czech Republic Real Estate Market Outlook 2018 (updated in March 2018)
pdf Ireland Real Estate Outlook 2018
pdf Netherlands Real Estate Outlook 2018
pdf Portugal Market Outlook 2018
pdf Austria Real Estate Market Outlook 2018
pdf United Kingdom Capital Advisors - Four Quadrants MarketView Q1 2018
pdf Italy Logistics MarketView Q1 2018
pdf France Logistics and Industrial MarketView Q1 2018
pdf Dublin Industrial & Logistics MarketView Q1 2018

Industrial and Logistics Research Key Contact

Machiel Wolters

Machiel Wolters

Head of EMEA Industrial & Logistics Research
T: +31 20 626 2691

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