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How Global is the Business of Retail?

Now in its 10th year, CBRE’s How Global is the Business of Retail? report identifies the target markets of international retailers globally.

International retailers targeted a wide range of new markets in 2016. 89% of surveyed cities saw at least one new international brand enter. Retailer activity increased by 2% in 2016, down from the 3.1% increase registered last year, indicating a slowdown in retailers’ global expansion. The vast majority of the top 15 cities targeted by retailers for the first time last year are mature markets.

How Active are Retailers in EMEA? 2017

How Active are Retailers in EMEA looks at the most popular target markets in 2017 for retailers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Retailers continue to expand their physical store networks in EMEA seeing the merits of a large store network as a major avenue to raising brand awareness. Core Western European markets are top of the agenda for 2017 despite political and economic uncertainty. 

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Global luxury Retail: a divergent market

Is luxury immune to the twist ad turns of global economy?

The world of luxury continues to fascinate and intrigue, with brand names synonymous with luxury now shouting out to us from many locations around the world. CBRE has invested in research to get beneath the surface of luxury in three traditional cities across Europe: London, Paris and Milan to explore some insights from luxury consumers, along with a look at the economic impact on luxury and how they combine with retailers' strategy plans. And finally, to expand the view of luxury, we also engaged our market experts in New York, Mumbai and Lagos.

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