Valuation Advisory

Research Led Advice

What we do

Our skilled property consultants give valuation and strategic advice on a wide range of capital market transactions. In addition, we provide portfolio valuations for institutional and property companies, valuing a significant portion of the IPD Indicies.

Our multi-disciplinary team delivers accurate valuation services by applying local market knowledge and calling on their experience in:

  • Portfolio valuation
  • Loan security
  • Initial public offerings
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Securitisations
  • Large multi-phase developments

Our services

We can also provide specialist advice on:

  • Trade-related valuations in the leisure and hospitality and healthcare sectors
  • Portfolio valuations for institutional investors, property companies and occupiers
  • Residential property
  • Shopping centres and other complex retail property
  • Secured lending and securitisation advice to banks and rating agencies

Key Contacts

Graham Hughes

Executive Director

Graham Hughes

T: +44 20 7182 2631