Valuation Advisory

Benefits in working cross-border

Single point of contact

For large cross-border clients with diverse or complex portfolios, a centrally managed, internationally benchmarked service structure provides the greatest benefit.  We appoint a named relationship manager to act as the single point of contact, working with an experienced panel of senior valuers and championing the clients interest throughout our firm. 

We are unique in having a dedicated cross-border valuation team.  Clients find that it takes away much of the hassle of liaising across different time zones, cultures and languages, enabling them to focus their energies the most important thing to them – building their business.

Consistency of approach and reporting

For clients requiring portfolio valuations across multiple countries, consistency is imperative.  Our modern valuation software, rigorous attention to detail and robust quality control procedures ensure absolute consistency, every time. 

This enables clients to:

• Locate key information rapidly
• Consolidate data seamlessly
• Understand points of comparison

Key Contacts

Graham Hughes

Executive Director

Graham Hughes

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