Wellness in the Workplace - unlocking future performance

All the signs point to a burgeoning workplace wellness trend. Over 70 per cent of real estate decision makers in this year’s CBRE European Occupier Survey already have a wellness programme in place and a recent CoreNet survey revealed that 80 percent of employees see a wellness programme as crucial to attracting and retaining them over the next ten years.

The ‘Wellness in the Workplace’ report draws on CBRE trend roadmapping research to paint a picture of tomorrow’s workplace. It examines the reasons behind the growth in wellness-led services such as increasing life expectancy, the War for Talent and the rise of technology as an enabler.

Real estate professionals are critical to helping organisations build successful wellness programmes. And ‘Wellness in the Workplace’ makes recommendations for how they can respond and help their boards make the most of the opportunities presented by the wellness phenomenon.