Advisory & Transaction Services | Investor Leasing

What we do

CBRE identifies the client's ideal location while respecting financial, operational and social criteria, including:

  • Location (visibility, transport, environment)
  • Quality of the building (flexibility, communication)
  • Services (meeting rooms, parking facilities)
  • Equipment (air-conditioning, security)

We manage an extraordinary database consisting out of more than 900 office buidlings, which is updated daily. This allows us to find the perfect match with respect to your needs.

The letting & sales department differentiates itself from its competitors through a very high level of client management and in providing our clients with added value in every transaction.

Our Services

  • Leasing office property: leasing strategy, marketing tools, actively approaching potential tenants, contracting. 
  • Renting office property: analysis of requirements, site survey, feasibility studies & advising, contracting. 
  • Purchase and sale of office properties.


Audrey Wotovic

Senior Consultant Advisory and Transactions, Investor Leasing

Audrey Wotovic

T: +352 26 26 12 28

Claude Billen

Commercial Assistant (Advisory & Transactions, Investor Leasing)

Claude Billen

T: +352 26 26 12 27

Joanne Wrobel

Commercial Assistant (Advisory and Transactions, Investor Leasing)

Joanne Wrobel

T: +352 26 26 12 33