What we do

Accurate and reliable valuations are critical and essential for the success of a real estate investment, and provide important feedback when holding real estate.

CBRE has build up a considerable experience in the field of valuing real estate, and possesses excellent knowledge of the market.  Furthermore, we are well aware of the latest changes concerning fiscal or financial matters.

CBRE values all sorts of properties, going from individual assets to larger portfolios with building in differing countries and continents.

Our Services

  • Valuation of all types of commercial real estate: offices, retail and industrial property but also housing complexes, leisure, land and exploitation-linked real estate. 
  • Valuations for annual accounts, financing, investment transactions, mergers, takeovers, bankruptcies, rental transactions and tax issues. 
  • Portfolio analyses: advising on portfolio strategies, buy/sell and hold decisions and performance analyses. 
  • Advising on the effects of structural modifications to the value of commercial real estate.
  • Valuation advice concerning Public Private Partnerships.
  • Development Monitoring on behalf of financial institutions


Gael Beauchesne MRICS

Director Valuation and Advisory Services

Gael Beauchesne MRICS

T: +352 26 26 12 29