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Environmental Policy

Our industry leadership carries with it an ethical responsibility to all of our stakeholders. 

We recognise that due to the nature of our operations, CBRE Limited is subject to a wide variety of national, international and local environmental statutes, regulations and policies.  It is the policy of CBRE Limited to observe both the letter and the spirit of environmental laws and regulations. 

It is our objective to be a good environmental neighbour and to conduct our business so as to preserve the environment and where practicable improve the quality of life both for our employees and for visitors to our offices.

At all of our offices our employees deliver a full range of property services to clients throughout the EMEA Region.  In doing this, we understand that our activities will impact on the environment, and we will therefore ensure that environmental management is incorporated into our building management practices.

It is our intention to effectively manage and improve our environmental performance and minimise the impacts of our business on the environment.  We are committed to doing this by driving continual environmental improvement.  We will ensure that we have identified our environmental aspects and impacts and implement Environmental Management Systems in accordance with EN ISO14001:2004. 

At all our offices we are committed to the prevention of pollution and to minimising the impacts of our activities on the environment.  Continual improvement in our environmental performance will be achieved via our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and a programme of Objectives and Targets.

Accordingly, CBRE Limited will:

  • Make a timely response to remedy a known environmental or health hazard.
  • Comply with any regulation requiring the company to report on any environmental circumstance.
  • Not improperly manage or dispose of hazardous (including toxic) waste for which the company is responsible or improperly release such substances into the environment.
  • Obtain the necessary environmental permits or proper authority in the execution of any instructions.
  • Not falsify or unlawfully withhold information from anybody entitled to such information.
  • Keep the appropriate records as required by any applicable regulation.
  • Inform contractors and consultants of our environmental policy and encourage them to operate to similar standards.
  • Ensure waste management regimes include recycling and minimisation is in place at all our offices.
  • Minimise energy consumption in use and its associated CO2  emissions
  • Avoid the use of hazardous materials
  • Collate data to determine our carbon emissions for our UK offices in support of our goal to be Carbon Neutral at the earliest possible date.

We recognise that we have an opportunity, and responsibility, to demonstrate best working practice to clients, tenants and other organisations and individuals that we encounter in the course of our work.  To this end, our employees will receive the appropriate environmental training.

This Policy will be reviewed annually.

Signed copies available on request
Managing Director
Date: 2nd January 2010
Martin Samworth


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